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1st Place

Soloists 1st Prize Winners
Katerina Pavlaki Awards and Scholaships Recipients
(By Category)

Professional Division Male Dancers
Angelos Antoniou, 1st place in Ballet & 2nd Place in Contemporary Dance PrePro

Professional Division Female Dancers
Sara Lund Iskov, 1st place in Ballet &  Ballet Pas de deux & 2nd place Neoclassical PrePro
Kristine Moe, 1st place in Ballet variation & Pas de deux & in Neoclassical duets Pro partnered by Aleksey Knyaskov.

Amateur Division
Simone Giroletti, 1st Place in Contemporary soloists, 2nd place in Ballet in amateur soloists & Contemporary amateur duets.
Antrea Ilia, 1st place in Contemporary Dance children soloists


Ensemble 1st Prize Winners

Sara Lund Iskov & Andrei Fabian Raschitor, 1st Place in Ballet Repertory Pas de deux
Dance Project Trikala,  1st Free Modern &  2nd place in Character amateur  ensembles


2nd Prize Winners

Professional Division
Andrei Fabian Raschitor, 2nd place in Ballet & 3d place Contemporary PrePro Soloists
Georgia Andreea Botez, 2nd place in Ballet 3d place Contemporary PrePro Soloists
Filippa Arntsen Vik, 2nd place in Ballet & 3d place Neoclassical PrePro Soloists
Nikos Gkenstef, 2nd place in Ballet Repertory PrePro Soloists

Amateur Division
Gloria Buzzi, 2nd place in Contemporary amateur duets & 3rd place in Ballet repertory & Neoclassical amateur soloists
Alexia Zakarian,  2nd place in Contemporary Dance amateur Soloists
Amalia Eleni Markaki, 2nd place in Ballet & in Free Modern amateur Soloists
Eleni Chalvatzidaki , 2nd in Contemporary Dance & 3rd in Ballet amateur Soloists
Maria Avrantini, 2nd place in Ballet & Neoclassical amateur Soloists
Nikolaos Grigoriadis, 2nd place Contemporary & 3d place in Ballet amateur Soloists

Ensemble 2nd Prize Winners
Scuola Danza Academia, 2nd Place in neoclassical and 3rd place in Contemporary ensembles & in Free Modern
Dance Studio Ilaria & Valeria, 2nd Place in Contemporary ensembles


3rd Prize Winners

Professional Division
Joanna Kristensen, 3d place in Ballet & in Neoclassical PrePro Soloists
Seline Leupi, 3d place in Ballet repertory PrePro Soloists
Ioanna Loupeti, 3d place in Ballet Repertory PrePro Soloists
Lydia Hatlø, 3d place in Ballet repertory PrePro Soloists
Arisa Tanihata 3d place in Neoclassical PrePro Soloists

Amateur Division
Janan Kaawach, 3rd in Ballet amateur junior soloists
Ioanna Moraiti, 3rd in Ballet amateur senior soloists
Maria Moula, 3d place  Neoclassical amateur senior soloists
Anastasia Chatziemmanuel, 3rd in Ballet & Neoclassical junior soloists
Eleni Tsagaraki, 3rd in Ballet & in Contemporary Dance junior soloists
Maria Panagiota Tsoraglou , 3d place in Ballet &  Neoclassical junior soloists
Christina Koukiadaki, 3d place in Contemporary Dance
Xanthia Papavasiliou, 3d place in Contemporary Dance
Lydia Velissariou, 3d place in Ballet  in Ballet & Neoclassical amateur soloists
Marina Mourtzanou, 3d place in Ballet
Eleni Makri, 3d place in Character

Ensemble 3rd Prize Winners
Voula Routsakou Dance School,  3rd Place in Ballet & Neoclassical ensembles

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