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Katerina Pavlaki


Dancer – Teacher – Choreographer

Founder and Director of the  "International Dance Competition-Hellas"

Mrs Katerina Pavlaki, well known for her activities as dancer, teacher and choreographer, is the founder, organizer and director of this important dance event, which has become a reference point for many dancers around the world.
The appreciation and support, of dance enthusiasts from all over the world, is the recognition to her endless work to support universal dance.
The accomplishment of her efforts is that each year the interest for participation to the festival continuously increases, as well as the higher level of the participants.
Founder of  " Katerina Pavlaki Dance Company"
She has been the choreographer, lighting and costume designer, as well as one of the principal dancers of the group. For which she has created 35 ballets. The Company doesn’t exist anymore.
Mrs Pavlaki is a FULBRIGHT ARTISTS AWARD recipient.
In the U.S.A., she worked in New York as a dancer, teacher and choreographer and has presented her work with performances with a group of dancers selected from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center.
Nowadays she is traveling, teaching seminars and workshops, choreographing and giving performances.
As a choreographer she blends in an individual manner the classical and modern technique. Using classical, modern music she attempts to let people hear the music through the movement.
As a teacher she has been experimenting, finding new exercises that could help dancers move more freely, without fighting constantly against gravity and body stiffens. Thus she has developed a system, which she also uses in her choreographies.
Her classes consist of a floor work [stretching and breathing], a bare [stamina and coordination], center [coordination and balance], across the floor exercises and combinations [coordination, balance and direction].
She teaches Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Contemporary/Modern Dance and Modern Jazz.
Katerina Pavlaki has studied, at the Harkness School of Ballet, at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center [as a fellow under an invitation/scholarship, she received from Mr.Alvin Ailey], and at the Nikolais/Louis Dance Lab, New York, at the Ballet Academy of Zurich, and at the Dance Centre, London.  She has worked with David Howard, Joice Tricler, Finis Jhung, Bertram Ross, Alvin Mc Duffy, Milton Mayers, Ana Marie Forsythe, K.Hirabayashi, Genia Melicova (Julliard), Nat Horne, Matt Mattox,

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